Document reminders keep you informed

Set document reminders on files that require attention later and receive alerts to take action before important deadlines are missed.

Document reminders help you remember important dates and avoid missed deadlines. For example, reminders can be set on important contracts in time for sufficient review prior to renewal date. Recurring reminders can also be set, for instance on reports that must be routinely prepared and submitted.

With a right-click in the desktop edition, users can create and edit document reminders. Reminders can have one or more files associated in the reminder event. Reminder alerts are sent by email, appear in the system, and can also be added as an Outlook Calendar event.

Document Reminder features

  • Set and edit document reminders in the Windows right-click menu on the desktop client.
  • Set document reminders as a one-time or recurring event.
  • Receive reminder notifications via email, inside Document Locator, or add reminders to the Outlook Calendar.

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