Webinar: Accelerate Onboarding in HR with Electronic Forms

webinar - accelerate hr onboarding with electronic forms
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30-minute Webinar demonstration

Join us for an informative session exploring eForms for onboarding new employees. A live demonstration will showcase how electronic forms make your first introduction to new staff more professional and efficient.

Using intelligent eForms, new hires are systematically guided through onboarding to complete the I-9, W4, payroll deposit instructions, NDA, Employee Manual, and more. HR reviews and approves the information, and attaches employee identification. Finally, managers and staff are notified to begin provisioning materials and access for the new employee..


Event Details

  • Thursday, November 29
  • 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern
  • 30 minutes, with Q&A

Register today for the ColumbiaSoft Accelerating HR Onboarding with Electronic Forms Webinar and learn some of the benefits of implementing Document Management Software for your company.
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