US subsidiary meets J-SOX compliance using Document Locator

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Investing in document management can help your company meet the challenges of today and tomorrow as the following story illustrates.

One of ColumbiaSoft’s real estate investment customers recently expanded their use of Document Locator to meet additional compliance regulations.  The customer originally deployed document management to provide their Real Estate Development group with the tools to track and manage engineering contracts and drawings.  That implementation proved successful and laid the ground work for expanding their use of Document Locator in other areas of the company.

Shortly after rolling out Document Locator in the development group, the organization was acquired by a multinational investment firm headquartered in Japan.  As a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Japanese corporation, the company’s internal and external communications became subject to the regulatory guidelines of Japanese law.  Most notably, they were required to comply with J-SOX.  J-SOX (Japanese Sarbanes Oxley), which became law in 2006, requires internal controls over financial reporting as mandated by the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

After meeting with auditors and reviewing the features included with the latest version of Document Locator, the company realized that they already possessed the tools and knowledge required to fulfill J-SOX’s compliance regulations.  A  repository for Document Locator was developed that mapped J-SOX procedures to Document Locator features including workflow, security, scan processes, and document audit logs.  The model implementation was then audited by internal and external compliance officers who found that the policies and procedures implemented by Document Locator met J-SOX requirements.

The company is now in the process of deploying the solution enterprise wide.  Partnering with ColumbiaSoft has enabled this real estate investment customer to spend less time dealing with compliance issues and more time focusing on their core business – developing and managing commercial real estate.

Document Locator Print or PDF page