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Going Paperless in HR at the Virtual PHRMA Conference 10282020

Going Paperless in HR at the Virtual PHRMA Conference 10/28-29/2020

Join us online to see HR file management at the Portland HR Conference and save on registration! We’re thrilled to support the Portland Human Resources Management Association (PHRMA) in their first ever VIRTUAL Strategic Management Conference on October 28th and 29th! The conference is way more than a fancy webinar! It will be a fully-interactive platform with 14 sessions (and recertification [...]

Getting Rid of HR Filing Cabinets

Getting Rid of HR Filing Cabinets – Join us in a Webinar

In two easy steps, you can get back all the space taken by HR filing cabinets and eliminate the costs and concerns of paper filing. With the opening of each new position, and the arrival of every new employee, a mountain of HR paperwork and forms are generated. While HCM systems have streamlined the handling of employee data, many human [...]

hr policies and procedures webinar 052019 - Document Locator

Achieving Goals with HR Policies and Procedures

Ensuring the right document is in the right place at the right time when it comes to managing your HR policies and procedures. Company policies and procedures are a means for businesses and organizations to formally set out what they intend to do, and how they will carry out the stated objectives. Policies are documented guidelines establishing the rules of conduct [...]

Paperless HR New Years Resolutions for 2019 Webinar - Document Locator

5 Paperless HR Resolutions for 2019 – Join us in a Webinar

It’s 2019, and we are almost one-fifth of our way through the 21st century. It is hard to imagine, but there are still a lot of paper files hanging out in Human Resources. If you are one of the paperless procrastinators, here are five resolutions for 2019 that will set your HR department on a digital foot-forward for the [...]


Paperless Contract Management Webinar – Oct. 20th 2016

  Register for our Contract Management Webinar on Thursday, October 20 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern.   Register to attend this event here: https://info.documentlocator.com/Contract-Management-102016.html The webinar will explore multiple benefits of storing contracts electronically where everything is full-text searchable and easy to find again later. Digital Organization: Digital organization means contracts are automatically stored in the correct location and with the correct [...]


A practical look at paperless

“Going paperless” isn’t just good for the planet, there are practical business benefits as well. Sure, saving trees is a great added bonus. But, on April 22, we’re going to be discussing some business reasons for a paperless office in a webinar: Document Scanning: Best practices for a Paperless Approach using Document Management. All who are interested are welcome [...]


Managing the proposal process

Proposal processes are complex. Whether they are done on an ad-hoc basis by a single person at a smaller company, or they are rigidly-managed by a proposal team at a large firm, the details of putting together a proposal project for RFPs, RFIs, or other submittals are a complicated mix of content, planning, and good old fashioned project management. [...]


Webinar shows 7 ways document control can help bottom line in a down economy

In these uncertain economic times, most companies are faced with the challenge of how to maximize returns on tighter margins. It’s a do-more-with-less strategy that requires business operations be optimized now to meet current economic realities. One area to consider for improving the bottom line is to look at how information is managed in the organization. This includes all the [...]


Document Storage Webinar Recording

In an age where as many as half of us spend two hours or more per day just looking for the information we need to do our jobs… anything that speeds our interaction with knowledge adds up to big gains in efficiency. Electronic document storage is one way to narrow the gap, in a big way. This is because [...]