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Watch a Document Control Video

Watch a New 2-minute Document Control Video

When it comes to maintaining compliance with standards and regulations, a comprehensive document control software solution can be extremely valuable. When compared to paper-based solutions, or manual file management in a shared server environment, document control software has extreme advantages. It has built in intelligence that not only ensures files are managed properly by the appropriate users, but it [...]


Going paperless has some real advantages

Studies have shown that the average office worker uses as much as 10,000 sheets of paper a year. Where does all that paper go? It’s thrown away, filed away, shuffled among co-workers, and shipped around in slow, costly, delivery processes.  So, going paperless has some real advantages, and here is just a few examples… First, it eliminates hard dollar costs. Not just [...]


A Get-Started Demo of Version Control

A standardized system for version control is a great way to improve collaboration, and increase accountability. Here’s a new short video demo on the topic. Learn more: What is Version Control For more videos on version control and document management check out the Document Locator YouTube channel.