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Documentation A universal challenge for HR

Documentation. A Universal Challenge for HR

Travel log from Anaheim’s Employment Law Conference At the 8th Annual Employment Law Seminar September 13th in Anaheim, there was one message consistent across all the speakers’ presentations.  HR Documentation. Of course, we all know how important documentation is, especially for HR.  However, there were several details presented I thought interesting to share. Organizing the HR paper trail For interactions with employees, especially [...]


Electronic filing system offers a boost to document storage

With so much being said lately about all the more flashy benefits of document control, it’s worth remembering one of the more mundane aspects of our digital bandwagon: electronic filing offers some great business values. About one half of us business people spend about 2 hours of our day just trying to locate the information we need to do our [...]


Kodak scanning with enterprise document management highlighted CMAA conference

Have you built a large skyscraper, power plant, or piece of transportation infrastructure lately? Where I just returned from was a gathering of professionals who do just that, and more. And, as they are quick to mention… building big things requires a big amount of “paperwork” and work processes. From the moment an idea is born to the day [...]