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HR takes on the challenges of a remote workforce - Document Locator

HR Takes on The Challenge of A Remote Workforce

How HR manages the needs and establishes the ground rules for remote workers As technology advances, more employees are working outside the office. With tools like video conferencing, remote access software, desktop sharing, and file management, it has never been easier to collaborate on projects and share ideas and resources remotely. Since 2005, the number of employees that work remotely [...]


Virtualizing Document Management Software

There are many technologies to consider when implementing a virtualization plan. Document Locator is mostly technology agnostic… our customers pretty much can choose to virtualize their document management system however best works for them and their circumstances. VMWare, however, is one of the choices. Just recently after the folks at VMWare realized that some of their customers were using [...]


Microsoft Windows 7 Impact on Business Part 3

Part 3 – Managing the Output The increase in performance in Windows 7 matched with new computer hardware provides unprecedented power to the end user.  At no point in history have ordinary users been empowered with the tools to produce the quantity and quality data that Windows 7 and Microsoft Office provides.  It’s commonplace for modern computers to be used [...]


Citrix, anyone?

If interest in our recent press release: Document Management over Citrix is any indication, application virtualization in general, and Citrix in particular, is a hot topic right now. Our news centered on Citrix, but really we can support document management over virtually any virtualization network of choice, including VMWare and Microsoft’s Terminal Services just to name a couple. However, Citrix [...]