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PHRMA hr conference document locator 05162018

Paperless HR at the PHRMA Annual Strategic Management Conference

ColumbiaSoft is joining HR leaders and executives from across the Portland metropolitan region gathering at this year’s PHRMA annual conference on May 16. On showcase will be demonstrations of HR Document Management in Document Locator, including electronic file management and electronic onboarding with eForms. Culture Shift: Empowering HR to Drive it This year’s PHRMA conference includes an impressive speaker lineup, with [...]


CIO Review puts Document Locator in top 20 HR technologies of 2015

A paperless HR document management system means you can search files electronically, organize everything automatically, secure files against unauthorized access, automate review and approval procedures, recover files easily in the event of a disaster, and even make easy-to-use online forms that replace paper and PDF forms. If this weren’t enough, the filing cabinets are gone too. In looking at what [...]


Document Control in HR

Whether it’s employee requests for benefits information; managers looking for past employee reviews; or the accounting department trying to find W-4 tax forms… it all comes through to HR. Human Resources professionals wear many hats, and one among them is that of controller of all records workforce-related. Bet when looking at the entire picture of document management in HR, there [...]