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Five Star HR Document Management Testimonial - Document Locator

HR Director Finds Success with Paperless HR File Management

With thousands of active employee files on paper in filing cabinets, the Human Resources Director wanted a more efficient way to handle its records. Critical Issue: Having grown to over 50 stores across California, and several thousands of employees, managing files on paper would no longer suffice. With so much paper, it was difficult to find files when needed. Files could [...]


A practical look at paperless

“Going paperless” isn’t just good for the planet, there are practical business benefits as well. Sure, saving trees is a great added bonus. But, on April 22, we’re going to be discussing some business reasons for a paperless office in a webinar: Document Scanning: Best practices for a Paperless Approach using Document Management. All who are interested are welcome [...]


Paperless office improves efficiency and reduces environmental impact

The idea of the paperless office was first theorized in a 1975 Business Week article that discussed how the personal computer revolution would put an end to paper records and book keeping.  Now, some thirty-four years later, while the type of information contained in paper form has changed, more than ever businesses are inundated with paper records. The Environmental Protection [...]