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ISO-9001 Document Control

The Critical Role of Document Control Software in ISO-9001 Compliance

Over a million companies are ISO-9001 certified. ISO-9001 is the worldwide standard for maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS). Document control software helps organizations meet these standards with greater ease and effectiveness. Managing the documentation for ISO-9001 compliance is no small undertaking. In the very early days of ISO-9001, document control was accomplished with a typewriter and a three-ring binder. [...]

Watch a Document Control Video

Watch a New 2-minute Document Control Video

When it comes to maintaining compliance with standards and regulations, a comprehensive document control software solution can be extremely valuable. When compared to paper-based solutions, or manual file management in a shared server environment, document control software has extreme advantages. It has built in intelligence that not only ensures files are managed properly by the appropriate users, but it [...]

HR takes on the challenges of a remote workforce - Document Locator

HR Takes on The Challenge of A Remote Workforce

How HR manages the needs and establishes the ground rules for remote workers As technology advances, more employees are working outside the office. With tools like video conferencing, remote access software, desktop sharing, and file management, it has never been easier to collaborate on projects and share ideas and resources remotely. Since 2005, the number of employees that work remotely [...]


Medical device manufacturer Anspach saves with document control software

The Anspach Effort, a medical device manufacturer of high-speed power tools used in neurosurgery, spinal, and ENT surgery, recently deployed document control software and it turns out they are already seeing the value: A marked improvement in their ability to manage quality, engineering and manufacturing records while at the same time reducing costs. The gains were clearly demonstrated during [...]


Copiers Have Memories – Video by CBS News

Im not sure what surprised me most in this video by CBS News: Copy Machines, a Security Risk? That so many people are not aware that MFP’s (multi-function printers) keep a copy of what you copy; Or, the fact that someone paid just a few hundred dollars for a copier that looks similar to a white elephant we lease [...]


Webinar shows 7 ways document control can help bottom line in a down economy

In these uncertain economic times, most companies are faced with the challenge of how to maximize returns on tighter margins. It’s a do-more-with-less strategy that requires business operations be optimized now to meet current economic realities. One area to consider for improving the bottom line is to look at how information is managed in the organization. This includes all the [...]


Welcome back, 2009 promises to be a busy year

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday break!  Here in Portland we were blessed (some might choose other adjectives) with a white Christmas.  Portland typically has a very temperate climate thanks to its proximity to the ocean, however this December we were inundated with snow.  The winter blast provided the local kids with some reprieve from school and wreaked [...]


Document control does more than reduce risk

In our regulated world today, there is no avoiding the need for better document control. Anyone familiar with the bite of Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, SEC, HIPAA, and FRCP eDiscovery can quickly attest to this. One of our customers said it best in his comment about regulatory risk, “Every piece of paper is a liability waiting to happen if it [...]


US subsidiary meets J-SOX compliance using Document Locator

Investing in document management can help your company meet the challenges of today and tomorrow as the following story illustrates. One of ColumbiaSoft’s real estate investment customers recently expanded their use of Document Locator to meet additional compliance regulations.  The customer originally deployed document management to provide their Real Estate Development group with the tools to track and manage engineering [...]