Six month document management ROI

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There are about as many ways to calculate ROI on a document management system as there are ways to use the software in various aspects of daily business. But for Shannon Puaokalani at Pacific Northwest Collections, the cost-justification turned out to be a simple equation.

“Before using Document Locator, each person in the department spent approximately two hours a day dealing with issues related to paper files… pulling paperwork, typing, copying, refilling. That works out to about $2,000 a month in associated costs to the company and its employees that we can now save,” said Shannon recently when talking about collections document management.

The collections company began using Document Locator for paperless management of electronic and paper files about three years ago, for simple tasks at first – like in the collections department scanning documents from clients. But once they started, Shannon said it was “like a light bulb went on.” Now, Document Locator is used in key areas of the company’s legal, sales and bookkeeping departments as well.

You can read the complete story in the Pacific Northwest Collections case study.

Document Locator Print or PDF page