Secure that Data! Keeping DL’s Information Safe in the Digital Age

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Security of data is important to an organization for many reasons. Some resources are only used by a small portion of users, some resources contain sensitive information, and still others are resources which are used by many people, but perhaps not meant to be modified by the general user. All of these scenarios, and many more, are fully controllable by the security features within Document Locator.

Document Locator (DL) follows the structure set forth by Windows when arranging security, so any administrator familiar with setting security in Windows will find the Document Locator security system intuitive and easy to use with minimal training.

Security is controlled by Groups, and User settings, configured by an administrator in the Repository Settings. Security can be set at the repository, folder, or individual file level. The highly granular structure of DL security makes it possible to accommodate almost all security scenarios. For smaller organizations, the out of the box settings for security make setting basic security a snap, all while maintaining control of user access and permissions.

Here is an illustration of a  common security scenario:

A company using Document Locator with WebTools has folders which they want to make available to vendors, customers, consultants, etc., and ensure the security of their internal data from those parties. It is simple to create the necessary groups in the group manager and, in the User Manager, put the vendors, customers, etc in their appropriate groups. Then all that needs to be done is to put that group into the folder/document properties under the security tab.

Like windows, if no access is specifically granted or denied, the user is denied access. Further, if a group or user is not given any rights to folder or file, that group or user will not even see the files or folders in question. So, in our previous scenario, making a group called ‘vendors’ and giving that group rights to the vendors folder would allow any user in that group to see the vendors folder but the rest of the repository would be hidden from view. In this way administrators are able to very precisely control who has access to what, and what they can do when they get there.

Do you have an employee who likes to delete files? You can deny that ability. Got a file that’s been changed and moved, and you need to find it and roll back the changes? Document Locator logs all activity in the repository, you can review the logs to find out who accessed a file, even who attempted to open it, and where it was moved to. Document Locators versioning capability means that rolling back to a previous version of a document is only a click away. Unlike many document management systems, we store the full prior version, rather than just the deltas.

These features and more ensure that your data is secure and used by the people who need it, in the way they are expected to. It’s even possible to deny users the ability to empty the document locator Recycle Bin, giving the admins complete control over what gets removed and when, no more lost files or accidental deletions. Logging means accountability and security controls access, so with Document Locator, you are truly the master of your data.

Document Locator Print or PDF page