Paperless Solutions on display at the Energy Trust Better Living Show in Portland

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The average office worker uses a sheet of paper every 12 minutes, over 10,000 sheets of paper a year, and disposes of 100 to 200 pounds of paper annually. Document management helps businesses reduce the need for paper, and take a paperless approach. With paperless document management software, businesses store and share paper electronically so that the need for printing and shipping of paper documents is reduced.

While offering a positive impact on the environment through less paper production and transportation, reducing the use of paper also provides for cost savings by improving business efficiency. The cost of handling, storing and shipping a single sheet of paper can add up to as much as $30.00 over a document’s lifecycle. When managed electronically, the actual cost of paper, storage facilities, and mailing or shipping are eliminated.

Business processes are improved using electronic collaboration tools that make sharing of documents easy with workflow routing, versioning, notifications, and approvals. Scanning tools capture paper documents and turn them into electronically searchable digital files, reducing the need for document storage and speeding document retrieval.

In addition to an all-around paperless office solution for managing electronic files, digitized paper documents, and email records, document management offers specific paperless business solutions in areas of: Accounts Payable routing and approval; electronic project collaboration; HR employee records management; compliance and regulatory document control; remote access for customers, vendors and partners; and more.

To learn more about growing a greener business, paperlessly, with electronic document management software visit ColumbiaSoft’s booth at the Energy Trust Better Living Show in Portland this weekend March 26th – 28th.

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