Next Generation Document Locator Roadmap Co-Authored with Microsoft

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Our engineering team here at ColumbiaSoft met one-on-one with Microsoft’s top software, database, and network engineers at the Mountain View Technology Center recently in an architecture design summit.  This laid out the groundwork for a co-authored roadmap for the next generation of the Document Locator document management system.

The timing coincided perfectly with our efforts underway here at ColumbiaSoft to evaluate the technological underpinnings of Document Locator. New technology advancements in software development are making entirely new product solutions possible. To take advantage of these technologies, portions of Document Locator’s underlying architecture must be re-invented to support future application requirements.

As we build for the future, being able to work closely with Microsoft is invaluable because it provides an opportunity for the developers to share design ideas.  It’s this kind of engineer-to-engineer brainstorming that exposes details about existing development methodologies and techniques, while providing insight into future technologies that Microsoft is working on.

Our next generation architecture will incorporate Microsoft’s technology supremacy, along with ColumbiaSoft’s document management expertise, to create a win-win for customers. The new architectural design takes into consideration handheld computing, distributed workforces, multilingual organizations, ever increasing security threats, scalability, cloud computing, and more.

Document Locator Print or PDF page