Microsoft Windows 7 Impact on Business Part 2

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Part 2 – Examining the Hype

Windows Vista’s lack-luster commercial adoption coupled with a relentless onslaught of clever marketing by arch rival Apple compelled Microsoft to get Windows 7 right.

The invention of Microsoft Windows came about to provide users access to applications and configuration options that were once only available from the command prompt. With the popular Windows 3.1, gone were the cryptic green screens common with DOS, replaced with a colorful point-and-click operating system that everyone could easily understand.  That was 1992 – user’s expectations have increased considerably since then.

Today’s PC consumers demand user-centric operating systems that are engaging, graphical, multitasking, mobile, and fast.  For the best ideas of what to incorporate into Windows 7, Microsoft enlisted their most creative and knowledgeable resources – their customers.  They learned that users perceive computers as much more than computational and word processing tools.  Modern computing plays a role in every aspect of our lives including work, entertainment, scheduling, education and more.  Users of Windows 7 agree that Microsoft was successful in listening to their customers and incorporating popular enhancements into the new operating system. 

The following is a small sampling of what you can look forward to in Windows 7:
– Quicker access to programs and files using the Taskbar Pin feature and Jump lists.
– Better access to application dialogs with intelligent resizing tools
– Built-in Windows Search service for faster searching
– Easier file sharing for home users
– Windows Media Center improvements for videos, music, and internet TV
– Enhanced video editing capabilities
– Intuitive tools for connecting to wireless networks
– Accelerated startup and resume processes
– Support for touch screen monitors
– Increased plug and play technology for hardware devices

Part 3 – up next, Managing the Output.

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