Happy Electronic Records Day 2017!

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Happy Electronic Records Day!

Each year, records managers, archivists, document controllers, and anyone with a keen interest in how important records and managed and secured have a special day to celebrate their profession. This year it is today, October 10, 2017!

The Council of State Archivists has assembled and made available a wealth of materials for the occasion:

  • 2017 10 Reasons for E-Records (Word) (PDF)
  • 2017 Electronic Records Emergency Planning and Response (Word) (PDF)
  • 2017 Why You Need More Than Backups to Preserve Records (Word) (PDF)
  • 2017 Government E-Records Tips (Word) (PDF)
  • 2017 Personal E-Records Tips (Word) (PDF)
  • 2017 Managing E-Communications in Government (Word) (PDF)

Also, today is a great day to consider getting more involved in national and local industry associations. Organizations like ARMA provide excellent peer networking and educational opportunities. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, for example, our own Cheryl Teigen is the Oregon ARMA chapter director of membership, and would be happy to tell you more. You can reach her at cteigen@columbiasoft.com or 503-608-3266. ARMA has local chapters throughout North America, and you can find one in your area by visiting: https://members.arma.org/eWeb/DynamicPage.aspx?WebCode=ChapterDirectory&Site=armai


To learn more about electronic records management and our document management software request a demo here.


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