Extending Project File Management with File Collaboration

Webinar: An integration case study: Brava! HTML5 Viewer & Document Locator
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An integration case study: Brava! HTML5 Viewer & Document Locator

Successfully managing project files so that drawings, contracts, emails… all the files that make up a project are consistently organized is crucial in any construction or engineering project. Beyond just file management, however, collaboration on project documents is just as essential.

For this reason, ColumbiaSoft and OpenText are bridging the boundaries between file management and file collaboration with the integration of Document Locator and Brava!

Document Locator provides a framework for managing project files so team members remain informed and productive. Combining file management with OpenText’s Brava! Enterprise, capabilities are extended with online collaboration and markup among internal project teams, outside stakeholders, customers, and vendors.

Joint Webinar: Brava! and Document Locator

ColumbiaSoft and OpenText will jointly demonstrate how file management tools in Document Locator combined with the viewing, sharing, markup, and redaction tools of Brava, help teams accomplish work with greater efficiency and accountability.

Webinar Details

Wednesday, June 5 at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern
Register: https://resources.opentext.com/Brava_case_study


    • Kris Carrasco, Solutions Consultant
    • Barbara-Anne Elstone, Account Executive
    • Scott Zieg, Director, Professional Services
    • Dave Howell, Solutions Engineer


    • Brava! Enterprise – A Better Way to Work
    • Brava! Enterprise Overview
    • Brava! & Document Locator – an Integration Story


OpenText Brava!, a platform for collaboration

OpenText Brava! Enterprise is a viewing and collaboration platform supporting virtually any content file format to:

Reduce costs and complexities for numerous native applications

  • View files without buying native applications
  • One easy-to-use user interface for all file types
  • Supports: MS Office, PDF, TIFF, JPG, AutoCAD DWG, DXF, and many more

Improve collaboration and speed up review processes both internally and externally

  • Markups and comments
  • Simultaneous or serial review processes
  • Electronic collaboration
  • Compare versions of any file type side-by-side or in an overlay view

Ensure trust and compliance of confidential information

  • Manually redact complete sections or sensitive content
  • Automated redaction of personal information, such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and other personal information

Simplify document publishing and viewing with a single application

  • Publish documents w/o providing download access
  • Add banners and watermarks during publishing
  • Viewing options include: monochrome/color zoom, magnifier, rotate, mirror, and measure


Document Locator: Keeping project files in order

ColumbiaSoft’s Document Locator addresses challenges companies face around managing their project information. How information is organized and structured, how it is shared, whether or not a history of all the changes and approvals are recorded, and how accessible (yet-secure) information is held. It improves how information is managed overall, but particularly surrounding employee turnover, project handoff, and even disaster recovery. Key benefits include:

  • Standardized, predefined project folder structures, with naming conventions, security, templates, document properties, and workflow routes.
  • Revision control so that as every change that occurs, it is captured and available historically for review and audit purposes.
  • Approvals, generated using supporting workflows, electronically transmitted to the appropriate team members, which become a permanent record to indicate the review and approval.
  • Emails, which are themselves project records, are organized alongside other project files.
  • Search and the ability to find information pertaining to project numbers, locations, document types, dates, body content – all fast and accurately.
  • Metadata and document indexing that provides supporting information on files for use with searching, reporting, and workflow routing.
  • Security to prevent oversharing and determine who has access to certain files, and not others.
  • Submittals and Transmittals allow for the exchange of RFI’s, RFP’s, As-Builts, Quotes, Change Orders, Sign-Offs and can be done without the hassle of email file size restrictions or delays in delivery that increase the risk of meeting critical deadlines.
  • And finally, at project close out, the ability to archive or package-up, and deliver, project files as necessary to the project owner.


Case example: Engineering firm shaves days off vendor submittals

In one example where a 6,000+ person engineering firm implemented Document Locator with Brava!, what previously took six days just to respond to a vendor submittal request, now is completed in only one hour.

The engineering firm originally needed a way to track and respond to vendor submittals and change orders within tight time periods. They wanted to eliminate the several days time necessary for handling document in the process. Countless work hours were consumed with managing and routing their drawings.

Document Locator together with Brava! provided them the secure, automated vendor submittal solution which incorporated online file uploads, workflows, email notifications, online markups, and version control. This time saved provided their engineers more time reviewing the files reducing errors and liability.

Read the case study of the engineering firms’ experience with Document Locator and Brava!


Behind the scenes: Document Locator’s Brava! Integration

Document Locator’s Integration with Brava! provides employees, vendor partners, owners, even inspectors an online space to securely review, and comment on, the most recent version of engineering drawings. This eliminates the hassle of ensuring everyone is using the same software design suites, markup software, or worse, printing and shipping full size drawings on paper.

To build the integration into Brava!, ColumbiaSoft programmed a series of interfaces with functions provided through OpenText’s Brava API. The integration was designed to leverage the Brava! APIs for viewing files within their application.

In order to initiate the Brava! render process, we first create an XML parameter file defining the document and including any associated instructions that Brava needs like user permissions and file path information. From there, we extract the selected files from our repository and push the file content to the Brava! server and say “go”.

Once the file is launched for the user, our integration includes additional support for generating new markup layers, saving markup layers, merging markup layers, and lastly burning markup layers onto the file itself.

After the markup phase is complete, which often involves several design engineers commenting on aspects of the file, a Project Engineer can then “publish the file” directly into Document Locator from within Brava!, creating a permanent copy of the file as a new revision in Document Locator.

To learn more about ColumbiaSoft and the benefits of implementing Document Management Software for your company request a demo today.


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