Electronic forms and processing the form submissions

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electronic PO request form

Electronic forms can be designed to replace virtually any paper-based form in HR, accounting, quality, and more. This is an example of a electronic form used for requesting a purchase order.


If you have ever been involved with the distribution and collection of paper forms, you can appreciate the time-saving nature of digital forms technology. Electronic forms are easier to get out to people; they are easier for people who receive the form to fill out; and best of all… there’s no data entry when completed forms arrive back in.

But what happens after all the form responses come back?

The form itself is usually just the start of the process. Processing of form submissions often involves some type of routing, approvals, and records keeping.

Treating each form submission as a record is important first step. Capturing form submissions as a permanent record, you can then route form submissions in document workflows and manage form records according to polices and in compliance with regulations.

To this end, ColumbiaSoft is working with PerfectForms to bring two technologies – electronic forms and document management, in harmony with one another. The combination makes it easier to collect data, and then easier to process it once it arrives back in the office.

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