Masters series takes document management training to next level

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For years, our training classes have been a popular jump start for anyone wanting a smooth launch with document management. We’re big believers in workforce training. We know it’s one of the most valuable investments a company can make when it comes to maximizing a return on technology. The very positive results our training has with every new customer attests to that.

With so many people already introduced to the basics on Document Locator, we’re looking forward to expanding our training program to offer a regular series of in-depth, advanced training options we’re calling the Masters Series. We’ve offered advanced training in the past, but it’s been more of an ad-hoc or as-requested schedule. That’s about to change.

Our approach will be to offer classes concentrating on advanced learning in a single functional area. The curriculum will be designed to expand understanding incrementally, providing a detailed grasp of both system functionality and business benefits across core areas of business.

For example, first up will be a course on advanced workflow automation. It will cover the inner workings of electronic workflow and business process automation. Soon after will be another course that will dive deep on reports and analytics.

Training course announcements will be made shortly, or you can always contact us direct for more info 800-298-1172.

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