Leading the Way with Document Management in Fargo ND

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As economic conditions improve nationwide, Fargo, North Dakota is one area of the country leading the way. Business there runs smartly, and Forbe’s recently recognized this fact in their 2010 report of “Best Places for Business and Careers”. Fargo placed in the top 10 on the list… in ninth place to be specific, of best small metros across the entire U.S.

Craig Whitney, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Fargo Moorhead stated, “As the labor department releases the news that the number of U.S. workers filing new claims for jobless aid is soaring, Fargo Moorhead earns a national spotlight for its reasonable business costs, strong economic outlook and solid quality of life.”

Within the buzzing business ecosystem of the Fargo Moorhead area is a good friend of ours, Information Management Systems (IMS), who has been doing their part helping businesses in the region since 1995 with “precise-fit” technology solutions. One of those solutions, of course, is document management software. And in an area where business is buzzing, document management makes a perfect fit.

Here’s one reason why: Research has shown that, on average, one-half of information workers spend as much as 2 hours a day searching for the information they need. That amounts to $625,000 per year spent on “searching” in a company with 100 employees at an average cost $50,000 each. Reducing the time it takes to search and find information means that a portion of that $625,000 in time will instead be spent doing other more productive things that have a higher return on investment than thumbing through filing cabinets.

IMS will be at the Fargo Moorhead “Business After Hours” event this Thursday, April 22 with other leaders in the area. Stop by and visit with them to learn more about information management and how they can help you lead the way.

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