Document Locator v6 includes business process automation and reporting

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Today marks the release of ColumbiaSoft Document Locator v6.  Version 6.0 enhances many of Document Locator’s greatest document management features including seamless integration into Microsoft Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office while expanding into new areas including business process management and real-time reporting analytics for all of ColumbiaSoft’s customers.  We are excited to see how our customers can transform and automate their business operations leveraging the workflow and dashboard style reporting now included with Document Locator.

Document Locator’s business process management components are in use today at a number of enterprises as well as government entities helping drive efficiencies and enforcing compliance.  Solutions built using ColumbiaSoft’s workflow automation include accounts payable processing, ISO/FDA continuous improvement processes, vendor submittals for AEC firms, routing mail to remote workers, expense reports, vacation request processing, and more.  These implementations were all designed around improving productivity, efficiency, and traceability enabling companies to focus on their core business operations.  In Document Locator v6 the workflow module is integrated as base production functionality providing enterprise level business process automation to all of our customers.

The reporting components added in Document Locator are entirely new and based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.  Users can select from a variety of canned reports included with the upgrade package in addition to being able to produce custom reports using Microsoft’s easy-to-use WYSIWYG report generation tools (Report Builder 3.0).  Reports can be launched securely inside of Document Locator’s Windows Integrated client or from within Document Locator’s internet application WebTools.  The reports provide users unlimited real-time access to critical business information displayed in graphical and roll-up style dashboard reports.  Reports are available for records management statistics, user activity, workflow automation, SQL Server configuration, as well any business specific reports that our customers can dream up.

Document Locator v6 continues the tradition of providing well-designed, easy-to-use document management and business process automation software.  We are excited about this current release and look forward to helping companies transition to a more organized and automated organization that can easily report against their critical business operations. For more information click here.

Document Locator Print or PDF page