Watch a New 2-minute Document Control Video

Watch a Document Control Video
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When it comes to maintaining compliance with standards and regulations, a comprehensive document control software solution can be extremely valuable. When compared to paper-based solutions, or manual file management in a shared server environment, document control software has extreme advantages. It has built in intelligence that not only ensures files are managed properly by the appropriate users, but it also automates tasks to increase efficiency and consistency.

This 2-minute demo video outlines the details of Document Control using Document Locator. In this video you will learn:

  • How Microsoft Windows integration makes document control seamless and familiar.
  • How to quickly find information on any document or folder, including document properties such as revision level, document owner, publish date, review date, training group, and more.
  • How document version control works inside the system and how to easily view and manage prior versions.
  • How to quickly search and retrieve any document instantly.
  • How role-based security is managed to control user access and editing privileges.
  • How workflows can be utilized to quickly automate tasks such as approving and publishing SOPs.
  • How Required Reading notices are sent to ensure certain users (or the entire organization) stay aware of newly added or updated documents.

Watch the video below to learn how Document Locator can improve document control in your organization.

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