Collect Digital Signatures Inside A Document Management System

Document Locator and Docusign Digital Signature Automation
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You may need to protect the security and integrity of electronic documents during the signing process. Or, you might just simply be tired of manually printing, sending, signing, scanning, and then refiling documents every time you need a signature. In either case, the combination of a document management system with digital signature technology may be the ticket to save time and increase confidence in the process.

A video shows this process in Document Locator, where you will see how to create a new document from a template in the document management system, then place the document in a workflow to route it electronically for digital signatures.

Automate the Signing Process

It’s a well-known fact that documents requiring a signature are signed much faster when using a digital signing process. Files are transmitted, viewed, and signed online without any hassles. However, there is also much to be said for the improved security a good digital signing process brings when combined with a document management system. A closed-loop system that transmits documents from a secure repository directly to the signing technology, and then back again when files are signed, maintains a digital chain of custody throughout. Files are no longer floating around the office or sitting at the fax machine waiting for someone to sign. Digital signing with a document management system improves reliability, trust, and efficiency.

A multitude of document signing processes can be automated. Contracts, sales agreements, legal files, employee approvals, virtually everything can be signed online.

To learn more request a document management software demo today or read more about digital signature automation via the links below.

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