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SneakPeak: Pack it and go

A quick trip over to our engineering group today (the smart side of the office) gave me a heads-up on a neat new technology being worked on for an upcoming Document Locator release. It’s not fully baked yet – it doesn’t even have a name… so there’s no chance of getting more details from our crew in the front-office. [...]


Going paperless? Look for more than a scanner.

I was at a conference the other day and ran into a dutiful young lady (I’ll call her “Jill”) who, at the direction of her well-intentioned boss, had taken the initiative to make her office “paperless”. She scanned every piece of paper from every file cabinet, and voila… nobody could find a single document they were looking for. The reason: [...]


Document Management Drives Intranet Success

Another of our customers has successfully used Document Locator to power document management within an intranet environment… we issued a release on how HITT Contracting Gets Organized just the other day. Actually, much of the credit goes to our partner The Cram Group for getting HITT up and running. Now, HITT’s 700+ employees are using their intranet to share [...]


Integrated Document Management in v5.1

It’s officially out there – our latest release of Document Locator raises the bar more than a little with new integration technologies. I’ll leave the details to those who want to read more about Document Locator v5.1, but in short – it’s now possible to connect document management directly to other business applications. So, for example, if Document Locator [...]


Coming Soon

The brain trust here at ColumbiaSoft has done it again. Officially, we can’t announce anything yet (it has to wait for our next version of document management software to be released), but what I just saw in an insiders’ demo will certainly be a big hit with anyone who has ever faced the challenge of inter-departmental collaboration and the [...]