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Top 6 Bluebeam Tools for Review and Markup-Banner - Document Locator

Top 6 Bluebeam Tools for Review and Markup

Document Locator’s integration with Bluebeam makes it easier than ever to consider Bluebeam Revu as a preferred collaboration tool. In this article, we’ll look at why Bluebeam Revu is so quickly becoming the industry standard for document review and collaboration. With almost two million users and growing, Bluebeam is gaining incredible momentum year after year. Companies and individuals alike perform [...]

HR Forms

Two Ways to Transform Human Resources with Paperless HR Forms

From direct deposits, to status change requests, to exit interviews, the sheer volume of paperwork and number of forms used in Human Resources can overload even the most efficient HR team. With more people than ever working remote, paper-based HR forms are simply no longer practical. HR teams are turning to new technologies to process HR forms electronically. HR teams [...]

Watch a Document Control Video

Watch a New 2-minute Document Control Video

When it comes to maintaining compliance with standards and regulations, a comprehensive document control software solution can be extremely valuable. When compared to paper-based solutions, or manual file management in a shared server environment, document control software has extreme advantages. It has built in intelligence that not only ensures files are managed properly by the appropriate users, but it [...]

Process Consistency

Maintaining Consistency in Processes in a Remote Work Environment

Remote work is becoming more prevalent in our highly connected world. While these types of work environments offer many advantages, businesses must take care in assuring that organizational structures and consistency in business processes are maintained. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, remote work was on the rise. According to a Gallup report, 43% of U.S. workers telecommuted at least [...]


EEOC Compliance and HR Record Keeping

It is the job of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to administer and enforce civil rights laws against workplace discrimination. To comply with these laws, employers and HR professionals must educate and train employees, implement strong policies and procedures, and maintain strict record keeping practices. EEOC Compliance It’s a challenge for employers and HR professionals to strictly follow the laws [...]

Disciplinary Action triggers policy update

When Disciplinary Action Triggers the Need to Update Policies

Disciplinary action can sometimes uncover incomplete or outdated policies. This is an opportunity to update these policies. To do this, it helps to have an understanding of how policies have been followed over time. It is also important to develop an effective strategy for distributing updated policies throughout your organization.   What happens when a disciplinary action triggers the need [...]

Paperless HR Infographic Blog Image - Document Locator

Infographic: The Problem with HR Filing Cabinets

Intriguing facts about the costs and difficulties of managing employee records in filing cabinets are revealed in this informative Paperless HR infographic. Are you aware that ten HR filing cabinets can cost nearly $3,000 per year in space alone? And that twenty filing cabinets in the HR record room can weigh as much as a mid-size car? These facts and more [...]

DL Version 7.2 sp4

Document Locator adds new WebTools features, folder identifiers and improved Office integration in latest release

Document Locator version 7.2 SP4 available for upgrade now. New enhancements that are now available in latest release of Document Locator include new features in WebTools and improvements in Microsoft Office add-ins making it easier to work with files. Plus, new folder identifiers in the Desktop edition allow people to quickly identify Document Locator folders. WebTools Features DL version 7.2 sp4 adds [...]

Case Study Reveals How Document Processing Time Reduced by Half at Canadian Engineering Firm

Case Study Reveals How Document Processing Time Reduced by Half at Canadian Engineering Firm

Document management solution allows for centralized file management, file versioning, searchable metadata, multi-user sign-on, auditability, and efficient transmittal capability. Critical Issue: The firm’s document management system suffered from user error, duplication, lost files, lack of auditability, and poor versioning. When its database crashed, it cost $2,000 plus reputational damage. Solution: A document management solution offering centralized file management, streamlined versioning, searchable metadata, multi-user [...]