FIATECH – day two

Random notes: Lots of talk today about ISO 15926, which is the data integration standard initiative for FIATECH. Here’s how FIATECH describes the standard: “ISO 15926 is an International Standard for the representation of lifecycle information for process plants, including oil and gas production facility. This is specified by a generic, conceptual data model that is suitable as the basis [...]


FIATECH conference – day one

Day 1 at FIATECH, and I thought the most interesting session was by Barry LePatner, who focused on “How to fix America’s broken construction industry.” As you can tell, LePatner argues that Construction is uniquely broken among U.S. industries, and is essentially continuing to do business the same way and with the same technology as 100 years ago. Here [...]


The Email revolution is over

Like every good (and bad) revolution before it, the Email revolution is fading. Not that we won’t be using email anymore… just the opposite. Email has become so routine and essential to our daily lives and business that it is no longer revolutionary. It’s ordinary. Just a decade ago, when I wanted to send a written message I typed away [...]