Author - Shawn Marshall

From File Cabinets to AI: The Changing HR Technology Landscape

Technology is rapidly changing our world. All aspects of life, from how we shop to how we communicate, are continually impacted by accelerating advancements in computing power and emerging technologies. Human resources is no exception. Over the last few decades, HR has transformed from single departments that mainly focused on hiring and payroll, to becoming an integral part of [...]


Let’s discuss robots for a moment

We at ColumbiaSoft are very pleased to have community connections to the FIRST Robotics Competition teams at two high schools, Team 2915 ‘Pandamonium’ of Riverdale High and Team 1065 “The Moose” of Osceola High. In the FIRST Robotics national competition, teams of high school students create autonomous robots which compete head-to-head at various pre-selected tasks. Successful teams combine the [...]