Citrix, anyone?

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If interest in our recent press release: Document Management over Citrix is any indication, application virtualization in general, and Citrix in particular, is a hot topic right now.

Our news centered on Citrix, but really we can support document management over virtually any virtualization network of choice, including VMWare and Microsoft’s Terminal Services just to name a couple. However, Citrix XenApp has seemed to be the method many of our existing customers have chosen to virtualize their applications.

And why is application virtualization so important? Well everyone has a different set of objectives and reasons… everything from ease of IT management (deploying software as a service from a central location is easier than installing and managing on client computers), to making it easier for people to access applications remotely when working outside the office.

For one of our larger customers, this latter example was key. They have people working remotely at job sites, and they wanted to avoid the sometimes frustrating experiences of VPN. They already had our document management remote access solution (AKA WebTools), but they really wanted their people to be able to work in the standard thick client. Citrix was the solution.

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