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Diff Tools for Document Locator

Get Diff Tools for Document Locator.

Most differencing tools have the ability to use DOS command line functions to launch their application. We allow you to put in the vendor's command line requirements to launch their application to compare Document Locator files.

General Steps

  1. Navigate to Repository Configuration and launch Extension Manager
  2. Highlight an existing extension
  3. Fill in the information for the differencing tool's executable file path
  4. Fill in the command line parameters to specify the source and destination file to compare

MS Word Comparison Tools and Sample Configurations


WorkShare is an application that lets you compare the differences between Word documents.

  • Path to executable: C:\Program Files\Workshare\DeltaView\DeltaVw.exe
  • Parameters: /original=file://[File1] /modified=file://[File2]

Softinterface WordDocDiff and Diff Doc

Both these applications are fairly inexpensive compared to others that can compare MS Word documents.

  • Path to executable: C:\Program Files\SoftInterface, Inc\DiffDoc\WDD.EXE
  • Parameters: /M[File1] /S[File2]

MS Excel Comparison Tools and Sample Configurations

Excel Diff

ExcelDiff is manufactured by ComponentSoftware and is used to compare differences between Excel files.

  • Path to executable: C:\Program Files\ComponentSoftware\ExcelDiff\ExcelDiff.exe
  • Parameters: [File1] [File2]

Multiple File Type Comparison Tools and Sample Configurations

Compare Suite

Compare Suite is manufactured by AKS-LABS and compares any to any file, including these popular office formats: MS Word, Excel, PDF, Web Pages.

  • Path to executable: C:\Program Files\Compare Suite\comparesuite.exe (for report only: /r:C:\report.html)
  • Parameters: [File1] [File2]
  • Additional info: Command line interface details

Brava Desktop 7

Brava can compare text, image and even CAD drawing file versions, visually highlighting differences between versions. Use Brava compare when revising documents to ensure all requested changes are made before releasing. You can even compare documents in different formats, such as Word to PDF renditions, and faxed executed contract versus the original document, etc.

  • Path to executable for 64-bit OS: C:\Program Files (x86)\IGC\Brava! Desktop\BravaDesktop.exe
  • Path to executable for 32-bit OS: C:\Program Files\IGC\Brava! Desktop\BravaDesktop.exe
  • Parameters: /C [File1] [File2]

Text Comparison Tools and Sample Configurations


CompareIT is an application that lets you compare the differences between text documents.

  • Path to executable: C:\Program Files\compare it\wincmp.exe
  • Parameters: [File1] [File2]


Windif is a text-comparison tool that comes as part of the Microsoft Visual Studio installation.

  • Path to executable: Depends on the version of MS Visual Studio.
  • Parameters: [File1] [File2]

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