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PDF Creator

Create and manage PDF files.

A standard feature of Document Locator is PDF Creator, which adds PDF (portable document format) creation capabilities from within the document management system to provide an enterprise-wide solution for PDF production and publication. The integrated PDF Creator feature allows users to convert any document to PDF, and then to share it, save it, or publish it.

  • Convert any document to a PDF file.
  • Merge a group of documents into a single PDF file.
  • Email any document as a PDF file.
  • Import documents from anywhere as PDF files.
  • Maintain original source document and converted PDF version in a single version history.
  • Check in a document and save the next version in PDF format, along with version notes, date, user, and document format.
  • Electronically approve documents for PDF publication.

PDF with version control.

PDF Creator is fully integrated into Document Locator’s version control system. Work can be done in a document's native file format and then (during document check-in) saved in PDF as the next version. Using Document Locator’s PDF Creator with version control, you can easily:

  • Manage PDF file versions.
  • Track version number, author, version notes, Profile Properties, and date.
  • Administer PDF approval policies.

Adobe integration.

Document Locator also supports an integration with Adobe Acrobat for management of PDF files - including digital signatures - within the document management system. Users can check-in and check-out documents from within Adobe Acrobat and Reader using Document Locator options located in the file menu.

In a side-by-side trial among our top-two choices, we chose Document Locator because it met all our requirements and was particularly easy to set-up."

Dennis Daigger
Alaska Mental Health Trust Land Office

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