View, markup, and redact files with Brava!

An optional integration with Brava! provides a single application for markup and redaction.

View, redact, and markup nearly 200 different document formats, including the most popular image and CAD files, using Brava! Enterprise. Among the extensive list of file formats supported are: Microsoft Word and Excel, AutoCAD, Visio, plus 45 EDA formats, as well as published, scanned, or print-captured formats like TIFF, PDF, DWF, and CSF.

Brava! saves markups as separate XML files, with the capability to burn in markups and redactions to PDF, TIFF, DWF, and CSF formats. Markup operations are protected in the original document from unauthorized change.

A common viewer eliminates the need for each person to have the full native application. The learning curve is simplified, because people only need to use a single application to view and markup files.

File viewing

  • Zoom/Pan/Rotate
  • Redaction (hide document areas)
  • Real time zooming
  • Magnifier for eye glass/bird's eye views
  • CAD layer selection
  • XRef/Reference file support
  • Monochrome/Color toggle
  • Hyperlink to other documents
  • Text search and copy to clipboard
  • True Color support

Markup and redaction

  • Adjustable line style and width
  • Markup overlay for review
  • Author name/date/time stamps
  • Save as DXF
  • ChangemarksĀ® next button review
  • Undo/Redo
  • Cut and paste
  • Markup Exists indicator
  • Measurement takeoff counts
  • Auto-scaled calibration
  • Snap to drawing surfaces
  • Precision control
  • Line, rectangle, and polygon/area measurements


  • Redacted areas do not print
  • Configurable ISO banners and watermark
  • AutoCAD line weight support
  • Print to scale (US Customary/Metric)
  • Thumbnail print preview


  • Password protection
  • On-screen and print banners
  • File expiration date
  • Feature restrictions (e.g., disallow print, markup, measure)