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Document Storage

Save with electronic file storage software.

Securely store and manage electronic documents and digitized, searchable paper documents in an electronic file storage software system where on-demand access to information saves valuable time and money.

The electronic document storage system in Document Locator® eliminates the need for storing documents in filing cabinets, archive boxes, and off-site warehouses so you can unlock valuable work space and eliminate costly off-site storage fees. Office space consumed by rows of filing cabinets can be used for productive work areas, and money saved from document storage can be invested in more valuable area of the business.

Document Locator's full-text document searching, remote access options, and integrated security means that information is more readily available at the search of a keyboard - even from outside the office, and files are secured against unauthorized access. Plus, unlike an internet-hosted document storage system, files in Document Locator are safely stored in servers on-site at your location so you are always in control.

Digital file storage solutions save time, money, and space.

  • Instant search and retrieval improves efficiency.
  • Document storage software frees office space, eliminates costly off-site document storage.
  • Convert paper documents to full-text searchable files.
  • Stored documents are sharable, secure, and archived.
  • Version control and audit logging compile a history within the electronic document filing system.
  • Electronic document storage makes files available for easy backup and recovery.

Access and retrieve document from anywhere.

Combined with the optional Web browser interface, instant access to documents is possible from any location, worldwide, via the Internet. Search and retrieve documents and perform advanced document management tasks from remote locations, satellite offices, or while traveling. Security controls determine who has access, and which files they can access. Employees who travel, customers, vendors, suppliers, and those who are authorized have the ability to collaborate and self-retrieve files.

A paperless alternative.

Electronic document storage is a paperless alternative with the advantage of document searching, document scanning, plus a full complement of document management features.

Hard Drives are Cheaper Than Warehouses."

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