Webinar to reveal that hard drives are cheaper than warehouses

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It can’t be said any more succinctly than it was summed up by a Document Locator user at State Mutual Life & Health: “Hard drives are cheaper than warehouses.”

The storage of paper is a burdensome cost that, when you consider it, really brings no return or adds any value to a company. Office space consumed by filing cabinets or archive boxes could otherwise be used as productive work areas, and off-site storage fees could be better invested in areas of the business that return a real value.

As the economy forces everyone to tighten their belts and look for new ways to do more with less, document storage – the means of how you store and manage the multitude of paper and electronic files – should be a leading candidate among cost-saving considerations.

Consider this… an electronic document storage system not only frees up office space and eliminates warehouse fees, but it also improves productivity. Files that once took several minutes to locate in a filing cabinet, or days (and dollars) to retrieve from a storage location, are now instantly retrievable with the click of a digital search.

If you think improving document storage is for you, join us in a live Webinar next Wednesday called: Electronic Document Storage – Hard drives are cheaper than warehouses. We’ll explore all the cost and productivity benefits, and give you a tour of a very good electronic document storage alternative.

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