The making of a smart office

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What makes a smart office is? A lot of things.

Smart people are part of the equation. But they’re not the only factor, or perhaps even the most important. I’ve had the opportunity in the past to work with some very smart people – much smarter than me, in offices that were less than successful. Innate human intelligence alone doesn’t always pay the bills.

At the end of the day, every office has processes that need to be performed, decisions that must be made, research that has to be handled, and so on. These things pay the bills, and more. How intelligently these functional aspects of day-to-day office life are carried out can play a big part in the making of a smart office.

Getting back to basics, we wanted to shed some light on a smart office in a new 3-minute document management video. It’s for people just starting to learn about and research document management software.

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