SneakPeak: Pack it and go

A quick trip over to our engineering group today (the smart side of the office) gave me a heads-up on a neat new technology being worked on for an upcoming Document Locator release. It’s not fully baked yet – it doesn’t even have a name… so there’s no chance of getting more details from our crew in the front-office. But, here’s some inside details for all the fellow Document Locator followers out there: The new feature will allow you to, really easily, and really quickly, save-off files from your managed repositories and share them in an organized way with non-Document Locator users. Useful things like ‘project close-out’ and ‘customer or vendor hand-off’ come to mind, so stay tuned for more details… And if you’re a Document Locator customer, be on the lookout for a new version release later this spring!

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