Sharing Documents in SharePoint

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In talking with a customer recently at a large energy firm, I learned they were just about ready to integrate our document management application within SharePoint. The reason: They want to combine the two tools to make a very good portal solution that has advanced document management features integrated right within. They felt it was the right solution for unifying their information and collaboration across the company inside a web portal environment – and I couldn’t agree more. People in different departments across the company will be able to easily access and share documents and records from a single platform.

If you are curious how it works you can check out the SharePoint Document Management connector page…. In a nutshell, it places a document management web part on portal pages so users can check in and check out documents from a web page, for instance an Intranet page. There’s also a combined search option that lets users search and see results from across both Document Locator and SharePoint at the same time.

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