Prism Plus Consulting’s regulatory savvy helps medical device manufacturers

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Combining regulatory savvy with practical technology is one smart way to help quality managers in FDA-regulated medical device manufacturing tackle compliance. Today, ColumbiaSoft and Prism Plus Consulting announced they are doing just that.

In a joint news statement, the two companies noted how compliance programs require tools to manage and automate document-centric procedures. ColumbiaSoft’s Document Locator document control platform helps with workflow, approvals, audit logging and more. Prism Plus Consulting is skilled in helping firms regulated by the Food and Drug Administration improve efficiencies and meet stringent regulatory requirements.

Together, “there’s a natural synergy with the practical application of our document control platform and the acumen Prism Plus Consulting possesses in quality management,” commented ColumbiaSoft Executive Vice President, David Pogue.

Check out the entire news announcement.

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