11 years in Microsoft Partner Network

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windows document management

Document management is made easy with Microsoft Windows integration.


Today marks a milestone for ColumbiaSoft; 11 years in Microsoft’s network of partners!

Our work with Microsoft is important. Virtually everything we do is based on the Microsoft architecture. Our document management software is embedded into Windows. It is built on SQL. It is integrated into the Office applications.

This is important because most businesses rely on Microsoft technology to operate, and most people intuitively know how to use Microsoft products. Our solutions are as seamless with Microsoft as possible, so that everyone can use document management without a steep learning curve.

Looking towards the future, our work with Microsoft continues. Azure, Office 365, tablet computing… we’ll continue leveraging Microsoft technology to bring innovative solutions into the workplace.

Microsoft makes products people use to get their work done. ColumbiaSoft helps people get their work done with greater efficiency. To that end, we complement each other well. We’re proud to be a member of their partner network, and we’re pleased that our Gold level status puts us in a category of partners representing the top 1%.

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