IRS Section 179 May Help With Internal Selling

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We talk a lot about Document Management here, without a lot of particulars on how to get it, or as importantly, how to explain its value to others. That’s intentional, because we are not “salesy” in this blog, rather just informative. But, something struck me in a meeting with a finance company the other day that seemed would be helpful for the “internal selling” job most of us must to do when we find just about any new technology we want… but first have to get others in our company to buy-in. So, only in the interest of education, I’ll point out an interesting fact that just might help you in your task of internal selling.

There is something called IRS Section 179. I’m not a tax guy, so I won’t pretend to know the details. But, this year as part of an economic stimulus package that Congress passed, companies may be able to deduct double the amount of previous years – up to $250,000 – for qualified purchases. The short of it is, it might be worth mentioning to your accounting department, who may need to talk to your tax people, and so on. In considering technology purchases for the year… especially if you are a small to medium size business – Section 179 benefits are probably something to be aware of.

If you are interested in learning a little more, here’s an announcement with FirstCorp that came out of that meeting I mentioned above.

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