Electronic filing system offers a boost to document storage

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With so much being said lately about all the more flashy benefits of document control, it’s worth remembering one of the more mundane aspects of our digital bandwagon: electronic filing offers some great business values.

About one half of us business people spend about 2 hours of our day just trying to locate the information we need to do our job. (The other half spend 2 hours per day playing golf). Electronic filing systems make the job easier, and make business people more productive. Just imagine playing a 2-hour golf game in 5 minutes. This would leave an extra 115 minutes per day to get more work done!

Document retrieval is just one example where electronic filing systems lend a boost. How? Because files placed in document storage are immediately indexed and profiled with metadata. Information can be instantly retrieved with a simple search on the keyboard. Gone are the days of getting up to search for records in a filing cabinet or requesting files from an off-site storage warehouse. What took hours (or days, even, in the case of off-site storage), suddenly becomes minutes.

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