Global search, My DL, Windows 8, and more in v6.4

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It seems a few times every year we celebrate the arrival of another great update to our document management software, and the party hats are about to come out again! Document Locator version 6.4 is just about here. If you haven’t seen the movie trailer for it, here it is:

With every release comes a handful of improvements, and at least one or two big advances. This update is no different. Perhaps the biggest news of version 6.4 is an all new component called My DL. It is designed to be a single location where users can go to search documents globally across multiple repositories. That’s right – search across repositories! People can also use My DL to view messages, respond to workflow tasks, and run reports from within My DL.

Another key upgrade with v6.4 is its built-for-Windows 8 document management architecture. Microsoft is ending its support of Windows XP in April 2014. Most companies have already moved on to Windows 7, but it’s surprising how many are still running XP. Regardless of where a company is at, though, Document Locator is ready for any version of Windows, and we’re even prepping now for Windows Blue.

Check out all that is new on our latest release.  It’s worth a reminder too, that customers on support and maintenance get upgrades for Document Locator free… it’s part of your support program.

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