Document Locator v6.1 ships today with performance boost and document archiving

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Another milestone in the history of document management happened today, when we released our latest version of Document Locator software. This release has performance improvements and new PDF technology for archiving documents.

Several core file actions such as check-in/check-out, copy-and-paste, update profile, get latest version, are optimized for faster performance in virtual private networks (VPN), wide area networks (WAN), and over the Web. Our own benchmark testing indicates a 37% average improvement in speed across certain operations.

Also new in this latest release is new PDF technology that allows users to create PDF/A format files. This is the ISO-standard version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) used for digital preservation and document archiving. One more aspect of this new PDF technology is that it is more easily deployed in virtual server environments like Citrix or Windows Terminal Services.

This latest release builds on what has become our most successful series of releases yet for Document Locator – the version 6 series. And more is yet to come. Windows 8 is coming soon, and we always maintain compatibilities with the latest Microsoft technologies. And, with mobile computing exploding in growth, look for some exciting news there too!

More info on all the features of the Version 6 series can be found here:

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