Mitigating the risk of Ransomware and Malware with Document Locator

Mitigating the Risk of Ransomware and Malware with Document Locator

Ransomware is a growing global concern. Recent attacks, like WannaCry in May 2017, are presenting a serious challenge to the security of information at businesses and organizations worldwide. A form of Crypto Virus or CryptoLocker, ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to various items in return for a ransom demand. Once the ransom is paid, often times [...]

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Key eForms Planning, Design, and Processing Concepts

  Some of the key concepts of planning and designing your eforms project include: Forms Management With the eforms themselves, there are some key things to consider when thinking through form design. This includes customized branding to match your company’s look and feel, understanding what content you need to capture, ensuring the form has an intuitive design, help instructions to walk users [...]


What Kinds of Electronic Forms are There?

When considering what type of eforms to use, start by breaking them down into categories. First, there are One-Off and Repeatable forms. One-Off Forms: For example, one-off forms would be forms like Event Registrations. With one-off forms, you need to make sure the forms are intuitive and provide easy to follow instructions because each visit to the form is probably going to be the [...]

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10 Useful Electronic Form (eforms) Design and Optimization Tips

When creating a new electronic form (eforms),  there are many things that should be considered to improve your form completion rates and the information collected. Depending on where the form will be used (internally or online), what industry the form is used in  (compliance and regulatory requirements for example may need to be considered), and who is filling out the electronic form you [...]


Records Management for Districts and Agencies Webinar: 12/15/2016

  Join us for this special 30-minute Paperless Records Management Webinar   *This event has ended: Below is a link to the recording of this webinar: Records Management for Government Districts and Agencies. The webinar was very well attended and we would like to thank all of our attendees that helped to make it a great event. Link to Video:     This webinar will focus on how special government [...]


Automating Contract Procedures – Contract Mgmt Webinar – Nov. 17

  Join us for this webinar exploring multiple ways to automate sophisticated contract management procedures to improve accuracy, minimize risk, and reduce negotiation cycles.   This contract management webinar will be held on Thursday, November 17 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern. Registration for this event is open at: This webinar will expand the conversation beyond the benefits of storing contracts electronically with a live demonstration [...]


Paperless Contract Management Webinar – Oct. 20th 2016

  Register for our Contract Management Webinar on Thursday, October 20 at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern.   Register to attend this event here: The webinar will explore multiple benefits of storing contracts electronically where everything is full-text searchable and easy to find again later. Digital Organization: Digital organization means contracts are automatically stored in the correct location and with the correct [...]


10 Records Management Tips for Electronic Records Day 2016

  In recognition of Electronic Records Day on October 10th 2016, we would like to share this list of 10 electronic records management tips to help you successfully manage your electronic records in 2016.   The Council of State Archivists has declared October 10 the day to raise awareness about electronic records management. Please see a direct quote from them below. “Electronic Records [...]


Let’s discuss robots for a moment

We at ColumbiaSoft are very pleased to have community connections to the FIRST Robotics Competition teams at two high schools, Team 2915 ‘Pandamonium’ of Riverdale High and Team 1065 “The Moose” of Osceola High. In the FIRST Robotics national competition, teams of high school students create autonomous robots which compete head-to-head at various pre-selected tasks. Successful teams combine the [...]


New WebTools interface for online document management is touch-friendly and easy to use

The new WebTools is designed in HTML5 and is ready for use on tablets and touch-screens. ColumbiaSoft made version 7 of its Document Locator software available today. Chief among the improvements is an entirely new WebTools, the popular browser-based alternative to using the system. In version 7, WebTools is entirely re-engineered using HTML 5 technology. It has a new look and [...]