Autodesk University 2008 focused on Sustainable Practices

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Sustainable engineering and design headlined Autodesk University for 2008.  The theme was featured via a series of classes and exhibits throughout the conference.  And more than just a theme… Autodesk showcased its own renewable design by manufacturing this year’s conference bags using recycled vinyl banners from prior Autodesk University conferences.  In addition, Autodesk’s Director of Sustainability, Lynelle Cameron, led a Sustainable Design Leadership panel in presenting a number of top architects and engineers that regularly employ sustainable design practices.

Autodesk University 2008 also emphasized the importance of “going green” within your own organization.  This includes reducing your reliance upon printed materials, reducing your office space requirements, and lowering your overall carbon footprint.  Implementing a document management system can help your business move to the forefront of the green office movement.  Here are some of the ways a document management system has helped companies work towards a paperless office and go green.

  • Electronic Approvals: Document management systems include solutions for electronically routing documents for review and approval, applying digital signatures, and creating electronic markups.  Reviewing documents electronically reduces the demand for paper and ink products within the organization.
  • Digital Archiving: Document management scanning technology provides solutions for electronically archiving paper documents in PDF or Tiff formats.  Digitally archiving your documents reduces the need for paper storage facilities, limits exposure to fire/flood damage, and promotes recycling efforts.
  • Collaboration: Document management systems allow for sharing documents online with co-workers, vendors, and suppliers.  By providing electronic access to documents, companies reduce delays, cut costs, and lower the environmental impacts of shipping paper documents.

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