Scott Zieg
Scott is the lead products and services guru at ColumbiaSoft. As product manager, he’s the guy who’s plugged-in to our customers’ needs, using his application engineering savvy to come up with creative new features to ‘wow’ our clients and solve their business problems.

Jim Kemp
Jim is marketing communications manager at ColumbiaSoft. He’s been touting, publicizing, and advertising goods and services across a range of industries, including everything from gaming, to consumer food, to technology, for nearly two decades. He’s known simply as the marketing guy at ColumbiaSoft.

Anja Bump – Guest Contributor
MSC founder Anja Schnurer-Bump has over 14 years of successful supplier management experience, including quality audits (she is a certified lead auditor), sales, marketing, and engineering. She has weathered the ups and downs of the semiconductor industry, as well as the tightly regulated medical industry. As a keen negotiator, quality remains number one in her mind.

Her corporate experience includes IBM, HP, Siltronic Ag (a German-owned wafer fab), Entegris, and Biotronik (medical supplier of implantable pacemakers and defibrillators). She has lived best practices for supply chain at large companies, and has implemented them at smaller ones. Best practices have made her life easier and she is currently working on spreading the joy to as many organizations as she can.

Anja holds a MS in Inorganic Chemistry from Portland State University and a Diploma in General Chemistry from Germany. German born, she is still fluent in German and English. She also manages to order a good dinner in French. She is a traveler, runner, and photographer.



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