A Coffee Break & Demo of Document Locator

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I sat down today to write some letters to those who attended my most recent Coffee Break and Demo from last week, which was focused on Accounts Payable automation. Writing the letters felt a little ironic, given that we’re a business that takes people paperless. It’s different, however, when it’s an intelligent, direct communication, rather than a piece of internal bureaucracy. Getting mail (that isn’t junk mail, or a bill) is so much fun! And who doesn’t love the gift of coffee?

My favorite way to really talk to people about their problems, and brainstorm solutions, is over a cup of coffee (or Earl Grey, personally)—it helps you relax, and lets your thoughts percolate…percolate! And people say I’m not funny! Ha!

Sadly, most of the folks that I talk to aren’t anywhere close enough to invite over. It took some creative thinking, but I did figure out how to make this happen! About once a month, I host a Coffee Break & Demo, so that I can chat with people about their document control needs, and show them Document Locator, so that they can get a clear idea about how we can help them.

People are so busy, and we’re all working so hard to keep our inboxes clean, to get through our tasks, and finish our projects, and do a creditable job—it makes it so much more difficult to put time aside to research solutions, when all that you really want is to look it over, be able to see how it works, and ask questions. That’s what the Coffee Break & Demos are about, for ColumbiaSoft—creating that opportunity.

It’s effective to gather together a group of people who are all struggling with the same issue, so that together we can talk through the different problems, and strategize about the best possible solutions. Recently, I’ve been running into a lot of people who are struggling with having their Accounts Payable running on paper, and so when it came time to organize this months’ Coffee Break, it seemed timely to host one centered around automating Accounts Payable.

Please feel free to check out this recording of our latest Coffee Break & Demo, and an overview of our Accounts Payable Invoice Processing solution; I hope that the inspiration gets your thoughts percolating!



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